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Those who know me well would acknowledge that I am a man of few words. So, it is no surprise that MALOOS DREAMS, my first musical creation is a compilation of original instrumental compositions and as such without any words. What is inherent to music, with or without words, is its unique ability to create a sense of well-being in the listener and even a higher level of euphoria in the composer.

As with many artists the love and appreciation for music is an ingrained trait passed down by the previous generation and nurtured by one's surrounding. And it is such that I owe most of my enthusiasm for music to my parents, whose encouragements since childhood and over the years have culminated in the creation of this album. This same love and encouragement only intensified after my marriage to my lovely wife, whose nickname MALOOS (in Persian meaning precious) naturally gave way to the CD's title.

It is with this cross-generational idea that I dedicate this album to my son with the hope that he will grow up nurtured in all good things in life, including love and appreciation of music.